Write House

Write House is a forthcoming WriteFreely community of blogs, a safe invite-only place to celebrate who you are and what you like.
No fear. No hate. No thoughtless bullshit. (And no nazis.)

What Is WriteFreely?

“WriteFreely is built around writing. There's no news feed, notifications, or unnecessary likes or claps to take you away from your train of thought. You get a distraction-free writing environment, and readers can enjoy a clean reading experience.”

What Will It Cost?

The hosting plan for Write House is not expected to exceed $10/month, barring unexpected growth. Users will be asked, but not required, to help cover the hosting plan and administrative labor.

What Are The Terms?

Members of Write House will be expected to abide by a Code of Conduct modeled on the Community Covenant and the XOXO Festival Community Code of Conduct.

TL;DR: No fear. No hate. No thoughtless bullshit. (And no nazis.)

Get In Touch

While the launch date for Write House is TBD, if you know Bix and are interested in starting a blog when the time comes, let him know who you are, how you know him, and why you want to join. Members will be able to invite others.

Write House is a real piece of Mediocre Work.
© 2019. All rights reserved.

Thank You

You will be contacted once Write House officially has launched.